About Us

Automasters Gh - the Company
Automasters is your one-stop solution for vehicle import duty, history and fuel consumption report.

For so long a time Ghanaians have been faced with the difficulty of knowing the exact import duties that they would have to pay for the vehicle they are importing to Ghana, which sometimes result in financial difficulties. That is why Automasters was set-up to address this need.

Our mission is to empower automotive imports to Ghana
  • With a fast, convenient, accurate duty and tax on any imported vehicle into Ghana.
  • To enable importers to know the Vehicle history report before making purchase both in Ghana and overseas.
  • Provide fuel Economy and the cost of running this vehicle before purchase.
This will help importers to make a smart, well-informed vehicle purchasing decision
  • By avoiding unbudgeted taxes, duty and in some cases complete seizure of their vehicle.
  • So you don't run the risk of buying used car with costly, hidden problems.
  • To prevent you from buying a car with high consumption which will be expensive to drive.
Apart from our core product which we briefly described above, there are more products and services that additionally help importers to make a smart, well-informed vehicle purchasing decision. For detailed information please click on any of the services below that interest you.